MCQ Questions Class 1 to 12 all Subjects with Answers

Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ for Class 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 Maths, Science, Social, English, and Hindi all subjects with answers and explanation. These MCQ are very important for the CBSE Exams 2021-2022.Practice here with all MCQ to prepare your first and second terminal exams conducted in session 2021-22.

MCQ Questions Class 1 to 12 all Subjects with Answers

MCQ In CBSE Board Exams 2021-2022

According to CBSE exam pattern 2021-2022, the evaluation process for all classes is now divided in to parts. Both the parts contain about 50% syllabus of the entire course. In the first part of the examination, question paper is centered on MCQ. So, multiple choice questions are quite important as per examination point of view.

Answer And Explanation Of MCQ

Answers of each multiple choice question is given here with complete explanation. There are more than 100 questions based on each chapter. More questions and answers will be added time to time according to the suggestions of students and teachers. If you have any suggestion, please contact us for the improvement of the website.

The Format Of MCQ And Answers

There are four options given to select the answer each question. If you are confused with any answer, please check the answers and explanation for help. In case someone think that the answer is wrong, please post your answer with explanation through Discussion Forum, so that we can reply you. You may directly send a screen shot of the concerned question and its answer for modification.

Important MCQ and Question Answers

Apart from MCQ, important and extra question answers based on all chapters are also given for practice. Students are advised to practice these questions just after completing the chapter from NCERT textbooks.

Is MCQ Important For CBSE Board Exams Also?

According to academic session, the evaluation process of school examination is divided into two semesters. Out of these two, the mid-term examination will be based on Multiple Choice Objective Questions. So, MCQ are now most important questions for school tests as well as half-yearly and annual exams.

How To Prepare The MCQ Type Questions Of Any Chapter?

Just read the NCERT textbook carefully line by line and mark all the important terms using marker of pencil. Make notes of these important words and definition so that you can answer any short or long type questions. This process will help you to attend all the MCQs of the chapter.

Is There Any NCERT Book For MCQ?

No, there is no separate book for multiple choice objective questions in NCERT. Students can use NCERT Exemplar book for practice. It contains lots of MCQ with suitable answers and explanation.

How To Get Answer Of MCQ?

If you have studied your NCERT book properly. All the MCQs are generally taken from the books exercises or intext questions. Sometimes it is taken from the main point of the chapter. To give a suitable answer of any MCQ, just read carefully the chapter related to that topic.

Question Bank in the format of Case Study MCQ for Class 10 Subjects issued by CBSE.

  1. Class 10 Maths MCQ Question Bank
  2. Class 10 Science MCQ Question Bank
  3. Class 10 English MCQ Question Bank

Question Bank in the format of Case Study MCQ for Class 12 Subjects issued by CBSE.

  1. Class 12 Accounts MCQ Question Bank
  2. Class 12 Business Studies MCQ Question Bank
  3. Class 12 Chemistry MCQ Question Bank
  4. Class 12 Computer Science MCQ Question Bank
  5. Class 12 English MCQ Question Bank
  6. Class 12 Economics MCQ Question Bank
  7. Class 12 History MCQ Question Bank
  8. Class 12 Information Practices MCQ Question Bank
  9. Class 12 Maths MCQ Question Bank
  10. Class 12 Physical Education MCQ Question Bank
  11. Class 12 Political Science MCQ Question Bank
  12. Class 12 Sociology MCQ Question Bank
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