IPL 2021 Live Apps - How To Watch Live Ipl Match 2021

 IPL 2021 Live Apps - How To Watch Live Ipl Match 2021

The 14th season of IPL 2021 had to be stopped indefinitely in the middle. The rest of the IPL season is starting once again from September 19. In this case, IPL lovers want to know how to watch Live IPL Match for Free. This post is about to tell.

The season of IPL is no less than a festival, as soon as IPL starts in India, there is a buzz. Someone sits near a mobile, someone sits near a TV to watch the IPL live.
But since Hotstar has implemented Subscription. Since then, people have had a lot of trouble watching the IPL live. But today we are going to tell you. How to watch IPL Match live in Free but this is illegal as its an piracy.

watch ipl live match 2021

To watch IPL Match live, people only know about watching IPL by subscribing to Hotstar. Then you can subscribe by recharging or by going to the Hotstar app.

How to watch IPL Match in Free

To watch IPL live for free, till now people used to watch IPL live on Thop TV. But now this app has been shut down. So people have to download another app to watch IPL live for free.

To watch the world's most popular league IPL in IPL Live Free, we will tell you not one but three such apps with the help of which you can watch Live IPL.

1. IPL Live - Pikashow App

How to watch IPL Match from PikaShow App

ipl live pikashow app

Step 1 - First download the PikaShow App. From the link below.

Step 2 - Now after downloading, install the app on your mobile and open it.

Step 3 - After opening the PikaShow app, click on Live TV.



2. IPL Live - RTS TV App

How to watch IPL in Free from RTS TV App

Step 1 - First you go to a browser and search by typing RTS TV. Then go to rtstvapp.xyz website and download the app.

Step 2 - After downloading, install and open the RTS TV App.

Step 3 - After opening the app, the Cricket tab will appear, click on it. 

Step 4 - After clicking on the Cricket tab, you will see the IPL Live tab in the Trending Topics in front of you, by clicking on it you can watch IPL Match in Free. 

Guys if you are not able to watch IPL live on this app, I have mentioned some more applications below.


3. IPL Live - HD Streamz App

How to watch IPL Live from HD Streamz App

If you are not able to watch IPL live from these two apps. So you can also watch IPL live on the HD Streamz app.

To download HD Streamz App, you can search by typing HD Streamz Apk on Google and download it from any site.

After downloading, open the app. And at the top you will see IPL live, by clicking on it you can watch IPL live.

This is the best app to watch IPL live for free. In these apps, you can find a few ads. But with the help of these, you can watch IPL live for free. 



Its illegal to watch from third party apps because they do not own any rights towards IPL.

We suggest you must watch it from the Hotstar by getting an subscription.
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